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, Estelle (marriage to Donald Robertson) (i254) (living status unknown)


Allan, Jane (marriage to James Robertson) (i9), b.1847-d.1931


Anne (marriage to James Alexander Robertson) (i240), d.1960


Armstrong, Jessie Mary (marriage to Gregor Charles Allan Robertson) (i223), b.1906-d.1983


Brough, Catrine Irene (i63) (still alive)
Brough, John (marriage to Marjory Allan Robertson) (i35), b.1917-d.1986


Brown, Elizabeth Christian (marriage to Rev Donald McGregor Grant) (i545) (living status unknown)


Buchanan, Eva Crawford (marriage to John Marshall Robertson) (i242), b.1915-d.1990


Cameron, Donald Robertson (i228) (still alive)
Cameron, Ruairidh Gregor (i229) (still alive)


Cook, John Manvel (marriage to Enid May Robertson) (i60), b.1911-d.1994
Cook, Michael Allan (i61) (still alive)
Cook, Nicholas John (i62) (still alive)


Cumming, Female (i537) (living status unknown)
Cumming, James Alexander (marriage to Helen (Nellie) Grant) (i536), b.1870-d.1935
Cumming, Male (i538) (living status unknown)
Cumming, Male (i540) (living status unknown)


Dachs, Barbera (i585) (living status unknown)
Dachs, Ian (i586) (living status unknown)
Dachs, Michael (i584) (living status unknown)


Frew, Christina Rose (marriage to William Allan Robertson) (i6), b.1879-d.1961


Glover, Margaret Cousins (marriage to Allan Frew Robertson) (i4), b.1907-d.1991


Grant, Alexander (i562), b.1872-d.1943
Grant, Alistair (i564) (living status unknown)
Grant, Allan (marriage to Annabella Grant) (i528), b.1878-
Grant, Annabella (i527), b.1867-
Grant, Anne (Annie) (i577), b.1880-d.1921
Grant, Anne (Annie) (marriage to Alexander Robertson) (i523), b.1881-
Grant, Christina (i558), b.1870-d.1952
Grant, David (i576), b.1879-d.1960
Grant, David (marriage to Ann Robertson) (i556), d.1884
Grant, Donald John (i579), b.1882-d.1941
Grant, Elizabet (Bessie) (i578), b.1882-d.1944
Grant, Elizabeth (Elsie) (i534), b.1871-d.1881
Grant, Elizabeth (Elsie) (i573), b.1873-d.1937
Grant, Elspet (marriage to James Robertson) (i71), b.1805-d.1878
Grant, Evelyn (i565) (living status unknown)
Grant, Female (i529), b.1895-
Grant, Female (i532) (living status unknown)
Grant, Female (i533) (living status unknown)
Grant, Four children (i546) (living status unknown)
Grant, Helen (Nellie) (i535), b.1872-d.1931
Grant, Isabella Ann Robertson (i566) (living status unknown)
Grant, James Alexander (i530), b.1869-d.1938
Grant, John MacGregor (i541), b.1874-d.1941
Grant, Joseph Orchard (i547), b.1882-
Grant, Mary Jane Robertson (i548), b.1887-d.1943
Grant, Mona Elizabeth (i568) (living status unknown)
Grant, Peter (i575), b.1877-d.1933
Grant, Rev Donald McGregor (i544), b.1880-d.1929
Grant, William (i557), b.1869-d.1942
Grant, William (marriage to Elizabeth (Elspet) Robertson) (i526), b.1831-d.1900
Grant, William Robertson (i542), b.1876-d.1939


Hogg, Grace McDonald (marriage to Grigor Charles Alexander Stewart) (i275), b.1907-d.1982


Hunter, Mr (marriage to Elizabeth (Elsie) Grant) (i574) (living status unknown)


Logan, Agnes (Aggie) (marriage to William Robertson) (i521), b.1866-


MacGregor, Mary (marriage to Alexander Robertson) (i220), b.1835-d.1891


Mackintosh, Isabella (Bella) (marriage to Alexander Grant) (i563), b.1883-d.1974


MacMurchy, Ethel May (marriage to Alexander (Allan) Robertson) (i252), b.1884-d.1980


MacQueen, Bella (i561), b.1906-d.1985
MacQueen, Elizabeth Jessie (i560), b.1909-d.1984
MacQueen, Mr (marriage to Christina Grant) (i559), b.1891-d.1908


MacRae, Catherine MacPherson (i552), b.1887-d.1918
MacRae, James Peter Robertson (i553), b.1884-
MacRae, Rev James Duncan (marriage to Christina Robertson) (i166), b.1852-d.1905


Margo (marriage to Donald Robertson) (i256) (living status unknown)


Marshall, Ellen Gillies (marriage to James Alexander Robertson) (i238), b.1875-d.1944


Paton, Hazel (i551) (living status unknown)
Paton, Peggy (i550) (living status unknown)
Paton, T C (marriage to Mary Jane Robertson Grant) (i549), b.1894-


Robertson, Alexander (i167), b.1847-d.1917
Robertson, Alexander (i211), b.1797-d.1865
Robertson, Alexander (i216), b.1835-d.1899
Robertson, Alexander (i522), b.1872-
Robertson, Alexander (Allan) (i94), b.1874-d.1933
Robertson, Alison Mary (i236) (still alive)
Robertson, Allan (i17) (still alive)
Robertson, Allan Frew (i1), b.1908-d.1993
Robertson, Ann (i165), b.1845-d.1916
Robertson, Ann (i217), b.1837-
Robertson, Anne (i215), b.1809-
Robertson, Brian Marshall (i247) (still alive)
Robertson, Christina (i170), b.1855-
Robertson, Donald (i253), b.1910-d.1960
Robertson, Donald (i255), b.1940-d.1973
Robertson, Elizabeth Elsie Grant (i68), b.1878-d.1888
Robertson, Elizabeth (Elspet) (i218), b.1845-d.1888
Robertson, Elizabeth Ann (i588) (still alive)
Robertson, Elma Jean (i33), b.1914-d.1957
Robertson, Enid May (i32), b.1912-d.1976
Robertson, Ethel Allan (i34), b.1919-d.1924
Robertson, Evelyn Rose (i31) b.1910-d.2002
Robertson, Female (i524), b.1897-
Robertson, Gregor Baird (i232) (still alive)
Robertson, Gregor Charles Allan (i96), b.1891-d.1970
Robertson, Heather (i593) (living status unknown)
Robertson, Helen (i582) (living status unknown)
Robertson, Ian Marshall (i243) (still alive)
Robertson, Isabella (i95), b.1876-d.1957
Robertson, James (i8), b.1841-d.1904
Robertson, James (i70), b.1802-d.1880
Robertson, James (i168), b.1849-d.1850
Robertson, James (i221), b.1868-
Robertson, James (i520), b.1850-d.1917
Robertson, James Alexander (i92), b.1871-d.1947
Robertson, James Alexander (i239), b.1904-d.1963
Robertson, James Gregor (i230) (still alive)
Robertson, Janet Elizabeth (i234) (still alive)
Robertson, Jean Isabel Graham (i226) (still alive)
Robertson, Jeannette (i592) (living status unknown)
Robertson, Jessica Isobel (i235) (still alive)
Robertson, Joanna (i600) (living status unknown)
Robertson, John (i163), b.1841-d.1912
Robertson, John (i213), b.1804-
Robertson, John Allan (i93), b.1872-d.1939
Robertson, John Donald (i525), b.1874-
Robertson, John Marshall (i241), b.1909-d.1970
Robertson, Lindsay (i2) (still alive)
Robertson, Margaret (i214), b.1806-
Robertson, Marjory Allan (i30), b.1917-d.1997
Robertson, Mary Ann (i79), b.1839-d.1846
Robertson, Nigel James (i233) (still alive)
Robertson, Peter (i69), b.1882-d.1900
Robertson, Peter (i73), b.1850-d.1867
Robertson, Peter (i160), b.1799-d.1859
Robertson, Rev John (i72), b.1834-d.1865
Robertson, Rev Peter (i164), b.1843-d.1913
Robertson, Rev William Wallace (i341) (still alive)
Robertson, Ruth (i598) (living status unknown)
Robertson, Stuart Dewar (i519), b.1890-
Robertson, Stuart Wallace (i340), b.1895-
Robertson, Thomas (i162), b.1852-d.1883
Robertson, William (i169), b.1854-d.1925
Robertson, William (i222), b.1870-
Robertson, William Allan (i7), b.1880-d.1962


Robinson, John (i159), b.1761-d.1839


Sanders, Roger (marriage to Elizabeth Stewart) (i303) (living status unknown)


Scott, Eliza Hill (marriage to James Alexander Grant) (i531)


Simpson, Rhoda Hunter (marriage to John Allan Robertson) (i251), b.1878-


Spence, Isabella (marriage to Henry Allan Cosmo Stewart) (i259), b.1911-d.1993


Stalker, Christine Isabella (i59) (still alive)


Stevens, Jean (marriage to Stuart Wallace Robertson) (i581)


Stewart, Allan Douglas (i272) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Elizabeth (i267), b.1941-d.1987
Stewart, Ethel Matilda (i264) (still alive)
Stewart, George Robertson (i266) (still alive)
Stewart, Grigor Charles Alexander (i274), b.1910-d.1990
Stewart, Henry Allan Cosmo (i258), b.1909-d.1968
Stewart, Henry Cosmo (i262) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Henry William (marriage to Isabella Robertson) (i173), b.1869-d.1943
Stewart, Isobel Jean (i260) (still alive)
Stewart, Rhoda Hunter Simpson (i270) (living status unknown)
Stewart, William Gregor (i268) (living status unknown)


Stuart, Ann (marriage to John Robinson) (i200), b.1767-d.1856
Stuart, Christina (marriage to Peter Robertson) (i161), b.1815-d.1905


Walter, Alice Mary (marriage to Rev Peter Robertson) (i518), b.1874-d.1924


Whitfield, David (marriage to Elizabeth Stewart) (i302) (living status unknown)


Wood, Elizabeth (Lizzie) (marriage to William Robertson Grant) (i543), b.1893-d.1954


Youens?, Ann W (marriage to William Robertson) (i580)

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