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???, Molly (marriage to Charles Mandall Hartley Glover) (i465), d.1997


Adams, Elizabeth Kerr (marriage to John McNaught Glover) (i398), b.1863-


Brown, ?? (marriage to Jean Sutherland Glover) (i475)
Brown, Two-S (i515)


Coultart, Jean (marriage to Robert Glover) (i493), b.1775-


Cousins, Margaret (marriage to Joseph Glover) (i485), b.1804-d.1863


Glover, ?? Agnes (i430)
Glover, Agnes (i393), b.1886-
Glover, Agnes Adams (i407), b.1895-
Glover, Agnes Anderson (i486), b.1828-d.1881
Glover, Alexander Birrel (i389) (living status unknown)
Glover, Alexander Milligan Thompson (i395), b.1894-
Glover, Andrew (i414), b.1787-
Glover, Angus Sutherland (i392), b.1885-d.1956
Glover, Angus Sutherland (i473), b.1922-d.1993
Glover, Audrey Margaret (i439), b.1910-d.1996
Glover, Charles Mandall Hartley (i438), b.1908-d.1980
Glover, Charles Renwick (i390), b.1881-
Glover, Charles Renwick (i402), b.1887-
Glover, Charles Renwick (i422), b.1862-
Glover, Charlotte (i442) (still alive)
Glover, Constance Helen (i408), b.1899-
Glover, Dr James Anderson (i425), b.1875-
Glover, Dr Thomas Anderson (i426), b.1872-d.1944
Glover, Edith Nicolas Primrose (i401), b.1886-
Glover, Four-D (i513)
Glover, Four-S (i514)
Glover, James Anderson (i133), b.1831-d.1899
Glover, James Anderson (i440), b.1917-d.1998
Glover, James Anderson Renwick (i382), b.1857-d.1858
Glover, Jane Paterson (i111), b.1916-d.1973
Glover, Jane Sutherland (i419), b.1855-
Glover, Janet (i489), b.1838-d.1881
Glover, Jean (i467), b.1917-
Glover, Jean Sutherland (i394), b.1889-
Glover, Jessie McKie (i134) (living status unknown)
Glover, John (i404), b.1890-
Glover, John H W (i470), b.1914-d.1968
Glover, John McNaught (i386), b.1878-
Glover, John McNaught (i397), b.1859-
Glover, John McNaught (i482), b.1830-d.1869
Glover, Joseph (i461), b.1795-d.1857
Glover, Joseph (i462), b.1759-d.1839
Glover, Joseph Johnstone (i124), b.1853-d.1908
Glover, Joseph Johnstone (i388), b.1906-
Glover, Joseph Johnstone (i391), b.1883-
Glover, Lilly (i474), b.1912-d.1981
Glover, Margaret Cousins (i4), b.1907-d.1991
Glover, Margaret Cousins (i423), b.1865-
Glover, Mary (i412), b.1782-
Glover, Mary (i463) (living status unknown)
Glover, Mary Martin (i135), b.1893-d.1968
Glover, Maud (i199), b.1891-d.1978
Glover, Mildred (i409), b.1902-
Glover, Paul Renwick (i406), b.1893-
Glover, Peggy (i466) (living status unknown)
Glover, Rev James Anderson (i109), b.1879-
Glover, Robert (i413), b.1784-
Glover, Robert (i488), b.1836-
Glover, Robert Adams (i405) (living status unknown)
Glover, Robert McNaught (i424), b.1867-
Glover, Robert McNaught (i437), b.1906-d.1986
Glover, Thomas (i487), b.1834-
Glover, Thomas Anderson (i403), b.1889-
Glover, Twin Alexander (i491), b.1842-
Glover, Twin William (i490), b.1842-
Glover, William Aloreburn Dunwidie (i396), b.1896-
Glover, William Harrison (i431), b.1870-


Hartley, Dora (marriage to Dr Thomas Anderson Glover) (i434), b.1882-d.1952


Jackson, Beatrice Elizabeth (marriage to Dr James Anderson Glover) (i432)


Jardine, Agnes (marriage to Joseph Johnstone Glover) (i125), b.1856-d.1930


Lawson, Jean Ethel Skirving (marriage to Rev James Anderson Glover) (i110), b.1879-d.1955


McGowan, Robert G (marriage to Mary Martin Glover) (i136), b.1883-d.1948


McNaught, Janet (marriage to Joseph Glover) (i411), b.1757-d.1795


Parrett, Margaret (marriage to Robert McNaught Glover) (i441) (living status unknown)


Renwick, Jane Sutherland (marriage to James Anderson Glover) (i383), b.1831-d.1908


Robertson, Allan Frew (marriage to Margaret Cousins Glover) (i1), b.1908-d.1993


Unknown, ??? (marriage to Charles Renwick Glover) (i511)
Unknown, ??? (marriage to Joseph Johnstone Glover) (i512)


Walker, John Grier (i446) (still alive)
Walker, Sir Allan Grierson (marriage to Audrey Margaret Glover) (i443), b.1907-d.1994


Webster, Constance (marriage to John McNaught Glover) (i387)


Whittaker, Lilly (marriage to Angus Sutherland Glover) (i472), d.1960

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